Push notification


I am not able to answer to your push notification using Samsung Galaxy S8.
Description: I have to update my phone number (as my phone got lost while travelling abroad). For this in the Revolut app I’m directed quickly to the help chat with a correct first message. I expect to be contacted via the same chat session. But as the waiting time is 2-12hr (Im in different timezone) I do not keep that chat open all the time, and my network connection drops sometimes. After some time I got a push notification from Revolut asking for details to verify me. I click on your push noticifation with the intention to reply. But I land on the Revolt app page that asks for my phone number, which has changed so I ask again to update it (no other option) and land on the chat page with the correct session but no message update from Revolt. I write my experience but no reply at all from Revolt. Then after some time another push notification from Revolt stating that they havent heard from me for a while. Agan, I click on this notification and land on the Revolt app page that asks for my phone number. Please, Revolt team, reply in the chat. Push notification is nice to have. Functioning help chat is a minimum.