Push notification spam

Hi Revolut,
Please please don’t use push notifications for marketing spam. It’s against Apple’s App Store policies and it really brings down the trust in using a FinTech app where notifications should be to do with financial events.



i really really dislike @revolut for doing that.
if it happens one more time, i’ll report it to google play store policy team and apple app store customer team


Also, I think this kind of notification is problematic:

I would like to leave the suggestion for Revolut to stop pushing these alerts. I believe people are doing their best to manage their money in the best way possible. Being constantly pushing these alerts serves no purpose in the sense of helping people managing their money in a better way. On the contrary, it triggers mindless spending.

Thanks a lot.


Instead, can you please use push notifications for money transfers and not send a bunch of emails? That’s so annoying and unnecessary clutter in my inbox. Especially if you have monthly automated transfers. For every single transfer you get at least two emails. That could easily be done with push notifications and would be so much smoother!


I would like to add to this by saying the notifications have become increasingly annoying and spammy.

The language around them, the overkill of emoji’s and the amount of them makes Revolut seem really amateur. I feel like a have the bank account of a 12 year old: Purple card, marketing notifications, emoji’s and cheap copy.

Tell me one more time to share Revolut so I can win a free metal card! Honestly, I dont want your metal card now. Either let me have it at a good price or keep it to yourself but stop shoving it in my face.

And then I read the last two emails sent out and I am horrified by the attempt in humour. You are a bank, not a comedy strip. You manage my money. Have some class.

Your copywriter needs a wake up call.

At this point I am a few notifications from moving to Monzo.

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I second this sentiment.
When you look at the responses on Twitter it feels like there’s an older person behind it trying to be relevant for the teenagers.

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