Purchase without phone


I am travelling to the USA on Wednesday and wondered if I can use my card to make a purchase without my phone being present?

I think the app just allows you to manage your account, much like a regular banking app. The card will execute the purchase as long as you have the funds for it.

I don’t think you’ll need the app running next to the card to use it, in the same way you don’t need your HSBC app with you to use your HSBC debit card.

Double check the location based security settings. Payments of course work without the phone being present.

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Thanks Frank.

I currently have location based security off on my app - are you suggesting I turn this on?

I didn’t want to get extortionate data roaming charges on my phone…

If you turn it on your phone would most likely need to be around and logged in.

Why not get a lokal prepaid SIM? As long as you do not log out and have access to the SIM – just in case – that should be fine.

However, your phone doesn’t approve the transactions it only notifys you. :slight_smile: