PSA: How to bypass paypal conversion and use revoluts rate

So as some of you may or may not know PayPal is pretty sneaky when it comes to their conversion rates. While most of us would rather not use them, this is not possible in certain situations (such as eBay)
Paypal has the tendency to not show the option to use the card issuers rate using their own jacked up prices instead. So for those of you that didn’t know about how to do this:
Go to pre-approved payments (settings-> payments doesnt work on app afaik)

Click on the manage pre approved payments option
click on set available funding sources and then goto conversion options for the card

Hope this helps :smile:

Thank you for your thoughts. It was discussed a few times, e.g. here :wink:

Linking Revolut card to Paypal as GBP?

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Despite all my previous research I missed that :sweat_smile:

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