Provide Copy/Paste of card 16 numbers on long press



It would be great if we could copy the card number just by holding a press or long press on the card itself in the app. I’m often doing transaction from phone only, and it would be easier if we could do a copy/paste in a couple of steps instead of taking out the card from wallet or swapping between applications.

That’s my idea,
hopefully it will make it in a future release of the app (on Android)


Same goes for the Reference Number


I there, I recommend you to use a password manager like 1Password and enter all your cards in one place with easy copy/paste and fast filling. It’s very convenient for me, also doing a lot of web purvhases. :wink:


I agree, when your in the card view if you hold onto the card image it should copy the long card number to the clipboard for 30 seconds so it’s easy to paste into a checkout on mobile.


I miss this feature especially for disposable virtual cards. I would like to use them more often, but the necessity to type it manually, switch between the Revolut app and the browser several times, it lowers the experience.

Password manager is a good solution for “permanent” cards (virtual or physical), doesn’t help much with cards that change the number after each transaction.


Made this suggestion a bit ago.


Disposable Cards Copy Feature

Don’t think a copy feature is any good for normal cards as that is a huge security flaw but, putting them in a password manager is good. But this does not work for disposable cards as they keep updating.


Agree with your suggestion. Copying of the card number is a great timesaver. Even for pasting it into a password manager app like 1password.