Proof of Revolut Crypto account?

Does the Revolut have any proof that they actually are buying and holding crypto concurrency to back their app crypto balances?

All transactions are public on the blockchain so what is the number of Revolut’s wallet?

Or maybe all balances in app are only fake numbers? :smiley:


Gosh man, I’m getting tired reading all your posts against Revolut and the most upsetting thing is that you don’t bother to read or do your research before you post/complain here.

At the end of the day if you’re not happy get over it and find a service more suitable for your needs. To be honest with your I don’t think you’ll find a something that would satisfied you.

Hi there.

Your cryptocurrency exposure is stored on our internal ledger (which is a record of all debits, and credits that occur within the Revolut platform) and is used to attribute funds to your account. You can manage your balances in fiat and cryptocurrency from within the Revolut mobile app at any time.

So to my understanding Revolut balances aren’t backed up by real bitcoins and recorded on the blockchain?

Which by the definition makes Fake Revolut Bitcoins!? If a bitcoin is not recorded on the blockchain it’s FAKE.

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