proof of payment, how to get the documents?


I have made a payment from my revolut GBP account to my GBP account on transferwise.
See following message:

We’ve received money for your transfer . But, we couldn’t confirm that it came from you.

So before we can get started on your transfer, please send us proof of payment from your bank. That could be a PDF or screenshot from your online banking that shows:
• Your payment to TransferWise
• Your bank details (like your account number)
• The account holder names.

How can I get these documents from

The account statement downloaded from revolut and the email advice received after the transactions is made, is not enough.

How can I get the proof of payment?
Otherwise the payment will rejected.

First I try to get an answer here.
The live chat is allways overloaded and you have to wait 30 minutes or longer. Also as premium customers.

Thanks in advance for your help.


@AndreasK can provide you the payment doc :slight_smile: I saw a similar situation today (or yesterday :grimacing:)


Thank you for the tip. I hope AndreasK will see my problem and will get in touch with me.


I’ve got the documents by chat-support on sunday morning. I had only wait 10 minutes.
Thank you.

The problem is solved for me.