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Has anyone been successful to get letter and stamped account statement from revolut ,they got full banking license in Ireland from March 2022, not sure what is the problem to issue this they must have capacity to sign at least digitally.

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Have you printed off the Account Conformation letter from within the app?

Confirmation of Validity of Transaction Statements
As a digital first service provider, we correspond with our customers electronically and not on paper or by mail. This means that we also provide our transactions statements electronically and not by mail. You may provide this Account Confirmation statement to any third party who requests transactions statements from you as our confirmation that the PDF statements provided to you in our app are authentic and genuine transaction statements and we do not otherwise provide our transactions statements electronically, in printed form or by mail.

That letter should satisfy any requirements particularly for visa purposes.

In the app tap the icon in the the top left of the screen to go to you home page > select Account > Documents > Account Confirmation.

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Thanks Graham but u know immigration authority are very old school see the language below :frowning:
Bank statements must be on headed bank paper. You may use a printed internet statement but it must be officially certified by your bank. This means that every page must be notarised by the bank and the statement must be accompanied by a letter from the bank. We will not accept uncertified internet statements.

They must show:

  • The full name of the owner of the account
  • Address
  • The bank account number and account type
  • Money paid in and out of the account over the last six (6) months immediately prior to the application (i.e. income and expenditure) and
  • If you are also sending a bank statement from a deposit/savings account, you must include a letter from your bank confirming that you can take money from that account.

Which jurisdiction are we talking about here and have you even tried to submit the statement and the account confirmation letter?

Ireland …
I have submitted the statement and the response came like I pasted, yet to submit the account confirmation letter but before that I was looking for revolut support if they can stamp statements even digitally its fine because immigration authorities are communicating to me over email.

and the account confirmation letter with it as suggested?

Will try but irrespective not issuing digitally signed document upon customer request and just showing we are Electronic Money Institute is really awful customer service. On the contrary I have received from Wise the same they also stamped as payment institute not bank.

Hi Rafael,
Is it possible to arrange a open letter stating i have an account here.My hospital is asking for it.It would be really helpful if you could arrange any sorta letter from the bank mentioning my name and address.

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@AMRUTHA Hi and welcome.
Following the instructions in this post should satisfy your requirement…

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@Graham_Lees , Thanks for helping out here. You are a star, mate. :star:

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Hi there.

I’m incorporating an off-shore company and am required to submit a “Professional letter of reference”. This must be from my bank - the only bank account that I have put my faith in and use is Revolut.

As Revolut is my only course for getting this letter of reference I need some help, as this is not a standard or typical request.

It requires: My name, when I signed up my account, how many accounts I have and their condition (good standing), account balances can be included. This must be PRINTED and SIGNED, with the details at the bottom. I have a template I can provide.

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I understand your requirement. You can print the “Account Confirmation” Letter from the application itself. In the app; tap the icon in the top left of the screen to go to your home page > select *Account* > *Documents* > *Account Confirmation*. Hope this helps. :pray:

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Hi, thanks for this reply. This document does not reflect the condition of my accounts, stating that they are in good standing. It is also not a document that would be signed by an employee at Revolut, like I need ^^

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Thanks for clarifying your requirement with us @tznewman. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kindly contact us through in-app chat so that we can resolve your issue individually. If you are wondering how can you contact us, please check this FAQ Link. :pray:

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@sam123456 - I am in the similar situation as you were. I require my 3 month bank statements stamped. However, Revolut does not provide the same. Were you able to get the Visa in spite of this document not present?

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You can download the statement from your app itself. To check it how, you can refer this FAQ link. Hope this helps. :pray:

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Which country visa u are applying and what type of visa .U can go to notary and show your computed and make the statement notarized thats what I have done and immigration bureau of ireland accepted that

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This may help @Pawan9789.

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We have started a new series about Revolut Business where we will cover all the common problems regarding business accounts. Check out our first and second topic here. :rewind:

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