Prone numbers different on IPhone AND Ipad

I downloaded the ‘Revolut app’ on my iPad some months ago ( Never used it, Never opened an a/c, BUT put in my mobile number in I was using at the time Remember NEVER USED THE APP.

I then changed numbers…

Jump forward 4 months I have the Revolut app on my iPhone with My CORRECT phone number and all works well, Card works well, Etc.

BUT, the Revolut app on my IPAD will NOT let me change my phone number!!!
Any suggestions?

Your phone number is your account log in. So you probably opened two accounts? You can log out on your iPad (more --> profile) and then log back in again with the correct number. You can ask support to close the account with the old number for you.

I spoke to ‘Live Agent’ and was informed " The app will not work on a non-mobile device"

Well, that is the official answer. Some functionality relies on the ability to receive text messages. And you might confuse the location based security feature. But as long as you have access to the phone number used to set up the account with, the app does run on iPads. Or in a virtual Android emulator on Windows. Or on Chrome books. It is not something I would recommend to the average user, and I can see why the support gives you this answer to be on the safe side, but if you’re familiar with the product and if you know about limitations and potential problems you might run into, you definitely can run the app on these devices.