Progress with Business Product



As an excited early starter of the Revolut Business Product, I’m a tad curious as to what’s happening lately. I haven’t really seen anything change since starting to use the product 3 months ago. Some things that have been promised early on were:

  1. New Business Card Designs
  2. API’s
  3. Transaction Export Filters
  4. Transfers from Business to Personal Revolut users.

I’m sure there are developments around the corner, but an update or information about progress would be greatly appreciated.




Nothing to add from my front regarding the progress update, but curious as to what was promised under this.

What shades of colours were promised? :smiley:

Regarding progress updates:


The ones on the website, black or white. At the moment its just standard Revolut cards.

The features I mentioned above were promised by the end of the summer, there are plenty of other features promised which have a longer timeframe.

My biggest concern is 3 months in, we haven’t really seen any progress at all. If I saw tiny things being adjusted here and there, brilliant! But nothings really happening from my perspective hence my question asking about what’s happening.