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Where does the profile picture assigned to you initially in these profiles come

Gravatar/ Disqus platform on forum.

I thank you for your reply but I don’t understand your response Iskender. The picture is not one I have chosen it just appeared when I registered for the forum.

Hello! I’ve recently connected to my account and I was shocked to see that my account profile picture was changed. I didn’t change and the picture is of a person I don’t recognize.

I’ve contacted Revolut support and they said is a bug and that’s all?!?!?

What kind of bug is this, if the profile picture is mixed-up with other user’s profile pictures, what other details are mixed-up?

Is Revolut system still secure nowadays?

Support is as well super slow (45 minutes of the first reply from an agent) and offers canned response only… I’m a premium user but I feel that maybe it’s time to choose a different service, probably Revolut is overwhelmed and start to lose control of their system?

Do you guys have/had this issue with them so far? Should we continue to trust Revolut services?

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I found this bug in v.8.28 or v.8.29, I don’t remember exactly… from there it has been solved! :wink:

It just happened to me as well. Same guy in the picture. Are the card and account details safe??

The same happened to me today.
I got an automatic chat message after reporting the issue, saying it was a bug.
Advice is to log out and log in again in the Revolut app and restore picture.
It says account is not at risk.
Profile picture was actually fine on the web app, just changed with that guy on mobile. Scary

That’s funny as f*ck. :joy:

Would scare the sh*t out of me. :rofl:

The same thing happened to me today - same image and all. The Revolut team on the chat wouldn’t answer any of my questions about whether my personal info was accessed or how this person managed to change my profile pic. Think I might swap back to Monzo, after the exchange I had with Revolut customer service, wouldn’t trust them to protect my info