Product overview

New customer here. I signed up because I wanted a multi-currency Visa card (thought it was free, and am trying to come to terms with it having a fee).

This product is clearly a lot more than that, and I am struggling to understand what all the product features are and how they work together. As I find out that a feature exists, I can search for them and for some of them find some info, but is there a simple, clear product overview and “how to use it” somewhere?

Hey. Can you clarify what fee you are talking about? :slight_smile:

They deducted £5 from my account to issue me my Visa card.

It is not a fee. It is the price for the shipping of the card. Shipping is never free :slight_smile:

It’s a fee they levy on me for getting me the card I need to use their service. No other card company has ever charged me a fee for sending me a card.

If you created a virtual card then it was free (no shipping). Also the price of shipping was specifically stated when ordering the card (you had 3 options)

Do you have anything constructive to add to my question, or do you just want to contradict my experience?
I cannot use a virtual card in a shop or restaurant or in an ATM. To have the service I signed up for I need a physical card. It came as an unpleasant surprise to discuss there is a fee for getting the card. As I said, I am coming to terms with it.

You can use virtual card for free,but if want real one then bare the shipping costs.
If you got nothing good to say,might not say at all …
Community is to help each other,not crying that you not happy.
Any complains you got-take it to customer support ,not here :slight_smile:

Do you have anything constructive to add to my question, or are you just here to throw rocks?
My question contained no complaint - you and the previous poster have chosen to imagine it.

Want card pay money :joy::joy::joy:
Nothing free nowdays :joy::joy::joy:

Just here to throw rocks, I see. Reported.

I agree, it’s not easy to get all the details of the product right away. I think the Help Center offers a good explanation of many features. There are also blog articles. And flipping through the different sections of the app itself together with the Help Center might be a good way of exploring Revolut.


We’ve also sent all the links about our products, services & prices via a direct message on Twitter :slight_smile:

Thanks, Frank.
Yes, where I know that a feature exists and what its name is, I can hunt though the blogs and help pages. I was hoping there might be a customer-orie ted, simple, holistic overview of the big picture and how it all fits together.

Yes, but that’s about individual features, not a holistic overview, Andreas. For example, I now that the Vaults feature exists, but I don’t get how it fits in with currency conversion, ledgers, and all the other things that I don’t even know exist.
I don’t want to have to go on a voyage of exploration - I just want to be told what the product it and how it works.
Is there even a list of the features somewhere?

That’s why I recommend to read the Help Center articles. I believe it is the best way right now to understand how everything is tied together and to understand how Revolut is different from traditional bank accounts.

Yeah … I was hoping to avoid that. There is no proper structure to help centre, so you have to read every article in case it.mentions something important.
Ah, well. It’s a shame, but I guess I’ll just use the Visa card and ignore all the unexplained stuff.