Product feedback - Features undiscoverable/Simplify UX


Hello guys,

A message for the Product & UX Team :slight_smile:

Last weekend I wanted to test two of new features and never managed to do it: Split Bill and Send/Request Money

Let me share with you my user feedback:
Android version

Split Bill
I kept on clicking, holding for 2 seconds a payment line…nothing happend
Then yesterday a friend with an iOS showed to me how he did and I understood how to do it. My feedback is

  • The gesture you use, “swipe” is not that common on Android
  • You create complexity in your product as you have 2 ways of actings on a payment i) Clicking on it and do an action ii) swipe. Make your life easier and have only one ! On the payment detail page you could have all actions. (and you remove one gesture)

Send/Request Money
I wanted to get some money from a friend this weekend so when I open the app I clicked on “Transfer”. Then I followed the whole process with IBAN etc…Super long while I remembered that there was a super simple feature.
Earlier today I JUST noticed the pink/purple bubble that you have on the screen and that I could super easily transfer money ! My feedback is:

  • The bubble is not visible and icon not super self explanatory
  • Again to simplify your product you could have the send/request feature once the member clicks on “Transfer”. If you do this and you make the the split feature easily discoverable (first feedback) then you can get ride of this pink/purple bubble and your UI is way more simplified.

As I always tell my team feedback is here I trust you to take the best out of it. Keep on doing such a great job.




I agree , the Fab (the purple button) is a poor UX , but seems to be where android design patterns / Material are heading.

I too have more than once forgot how to send money to others, and took a lot of time to “find” the Fab.


I’m using Revolut for a while on a daily basis and to be honest even now I’m struggling to remember where I found that Transfer option… after seconds of drilling all options I remember that I saw this Right In The Middle where those arrows are.

Completely agree, please change that icon, make it same size as the other ones.