Processing problems again!


Can’t believe the system is down again so soon. Just had payment refused (Code 050 - declined user specific). Glad I had backup Card. Payment made it through to :r: though so will wait have to wait for its return.


Just had the same problem. No backup card on me and still 76€ taken off my account whereas payments denied.

Cannot wait for them to give me back my money!


€131 for me, bar bill at end of holiday. Had to pay as airport transfer was waiting. Always, always carry at least 1 backup ; I normally carry two.


Had one until this morning when I decided I did not need two… I’ll follow your advice.

131€?! I hope they’ll pay you back. It’s not a small amount.

If you hear something, let me know. I’m so pissed off. I saved for that trip, so I’d like to see that money back :frowning:


Once again without the use of my revolut card

This is destroying my trust in revolut, and has once a again messed up my day.
It has now cost me 2.80 euro to get home because my revolut card was rejected when trying to buy my monthly travel card!!
Just canceled my Premium Membership as this service is not mature enough yet, twice ive been left wihtout money and had to cancel plans, need to carry another card with me


the same here… tried to withdraw £100… no money given but statement shows I have lost £100 from my balance… too many times Revolut let me down!!