Problems with Top Ups


Hello everyone,

I’m a bit lost here… so I installed the Revolut app on my phone. I’ve verified my identity with my ID card and photo and it was approved. I wanted to order the physical card or the virtual card but no matter what I do Revolut doesn’t accept any of my top ups. I tried with my Visa debit card, I tried with several mbnet cards… and nothing. I tried by inserting the data manually, I tried scaning, etc. It always fails and never accepts it. The message is always “your top-up could not be processed”. Am I missing something?




Hi @AnaSeabra7,

Thank you for contacting us.

I think I can help :slight_smile: Could you please get in touch with me via a direct message?


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK, can you please share the solution. I’m facing the same problem :confused:



Can you please provide more details?


So, My debit cards are not allowing online transactions. That’s why I always use virtual card created by MBnet service, which are associated with my debit cards. It works always, almost, cause it fails with Revolut’s top ups :confused:
It seems to be the same case as the one of AnaSeabra7. Is there any way to make MBnet generated cards to work with Revolut?


Does this card support 3D secure?


Yes my fisical card has 3d Service associated, but this one I can not add to my account (not talking about top up)
“we’re really sorry, but it looks like your bank card issuer declined this transaction. Please contact them directly”


Have you tried to top up via Android/Apple Pay instead?


Hello, I do not approve of identity. Already a week in the Revolut program, writes “Personal Data-Processing.” I can not connect an existing physical card yet. Writes “This card can not be linked”.


Hi there! I’m also not able to do a top-up. When I do 3D secure I get sent a text with a code and I insert that code in the provided space but then it send me to a Verification page and it says please wait but nothing happens after that. My husband has a Revolut account linked to the same bank account so I don’t know if it’s something to do with that.