Problems with POS payments in Brazil


Hi guys,

Travelling Brazil with a friend, we experienced problems paying at point of sales which are using GetNet (NO ecommerce, just the regular terminals) with Revolut Visa. The older Revolut Mastercard works seamlessly and basically helped us in situations, i.e. after pumping gas.

Any ideas or similar complaints, e.g. @AndreasK?


P. S. It’s not that settings are different (e.g. contactless not allowed). And it only is at GetNet terminals (used for example at the parking terminals of GRU airport).


You haven’t said what the problems were, i.e. error message etc. It’s difficult for anyone to diagnose without such details.


True. Simply the payment does not go through, it is declined. After that rejection, no specific info is given in the app.


Have you tried to contact our in-app support team?


My guess is that the decision to decline is taken by the card terminal, not by the card issuer. In such cases, there is little that the card issuer can do except to confirm that no payment authorisation request was received.

It’s high time that Visa and MasterCard required card terminals to show which party declined a transaction. Often card terminals imply misleadingly that it was the card issuer when it wasn’t.


My friend did, but the guy first did not fully understand and then just reset the card. Does not change the issue tho :wink:


I’m having the same issue. It shows the error ‘não habilitado’ something like ‘not enabled’. I tried in multiple stores and got the same behaviour.


Were the terminals of GetNet too?


Hi guys,

I finally got a photo where the error message is shown. Hope this issue is resolved soon since there are many Visa-Revoluters out there and travelling to Brazil too. Moreover, GetNet (Santander) is common around here!



Hi guys,

Is there any update from the Revolut side of life, @AndreasK? Have you tried to get in touch with Santander/GetNet? My friend was stuck at a gas station yesterday for not having enough cash or an alternative card…

Again, this provider is big in Brazil, especially around Rio and Minas Gerais!