Problems when trying to add card

I’m trying y I add my bank card from Crédit Agricole and the application is telling me that I need to add card from Crédit Agricole and the application keeps telling me that I need to put a card from “Crédit Agricole” instead of “Crédit Agricole S. A.”

My card is a new one and is identified under the latter. I think you guys need to recognize that second bank identification.

Hi, do you have to provide anything more than number, expiration date and CVV?

Sorry for the late answer but yes. I enter all of the required information and it says the card needs to be from Credit Agricole instead of Credit Agricole S. A. the card is a Visa card.

Really strange. I’ve tried to add my CA card and everything went through without any problem.
My CA card is from Poland…
So I think you have no choice and you have to

Yeah I don’t know I tried many times but it keeps refusing the card because it’s not identified as Credit Agricole but as Credit Agricole SA. It’s not a problem with the card to me. It’s a new one so it’s definitively on the Revolut side of things.

OK I got the issue. In a last attempt, I simply just created a newer card instead of trying to update the older expired card with the new one and it worked.

So basically, I was trying to update the older card with the newer one in order to replace it. That’s why I was having issues.