Problems to get money out of the ATM machine


I have try to get 450€ from the ATM machine with a normal usar account and I can’t get the money.
I have try to contact the live support and, They dont answer.
Any ideas?
Thank’s in advance.

Are ATM withdrawals enabled in the security settings of the card? Do you have enough funds? Have you tried a lower amount? Does the transaction appear on your Revolut account?

Hi Yiango,

I have enough funds, withdrawals are enabled on the security settings and I haven’t try with a lower amount, but the last time I get the same amount I haven’t any problem.

Was it the same ATM both times - sometimes different machines have different limits.

I’m sorry, I can’t help further, would suggest that you try another ATM and/or lower value, otherwise speak with the in-chat support.

Ok, thank’s guys, I will try with a different amount.

Are you over your monthly limit? In that case you might have to include the fee added to the amount needed on the account.

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I think that’s the problem, I will find out on Monday.

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Machines usually have a “$ per transaction” limit. Most ours in the UK is £250. Somethings wrong tho, all transfers in and out of revolut have vanished since Friday and support refuses to admit somethings up their end.

Withdrawing that amount will cost you between 5 and 9 euro. If you dont have at least 460 euro in your account that might be the explanation. Of course it could also be an ATM limit.