Problems receiving transfers into New Euro IBAN



I am likely not the only one experiencing this, although if i am it might make it easier to trace the transfer.

I have been sent 3 separate transfers from different banks and countries, all of which where sent on 21st or 24th July, to the new IBAN. (Support even confirmed the IBAN and BIC in one of the screenshots are correct). It is evident that 3 different people would not make the same mistake and thus the error is with revolut.

After attempting to speak with support chat, I have been requested to forward an MT-103, which the regular support line of my transferring bank has no clue about (this is a Back office and Middle office task, not customer support in a bank), although they confirmed the money has been sent and received by revolut on the 24th.

2 things:

  • I need to speak to a real person to get this resolved ASAP.
  • Please comment if you are experiencing the same issues.

Can not pay my salary !!! (Banque Française)

Experienced something like this but with real IBAN -> IBAN transfer, your sending bank will not be able to confirm that you have indeed received the money.
(Not through revolut) What happened for me was that the money was stopped at the receiving bank due to some details being wrong, in which case your destination bank can initiate a SWIFT response ( through MT-103 ), and should be able to monitor the situation. Thing is, SWIFT investigation usually costs and it takes around 45 days SLA per average bank responses.


Correct, furthermore I find it unusual for a bank (Revolut) to ask its customers (me) to trace SWIFT confirmations and the lot with the corresponding bank.

Update on this, one of the transfers which, and i verified, had the correct IBAN and BIC as indicated by Revolut, bounced back to the sender with error: incorrect account number.

I am trying to understand the potential problems here, I have heard that in some cases you might have to add XXX at the end to make the BIC the correct length although seems unlikely.

My best guess is that you are either not able or encouraged to have 2 active currencies, i.e. send and receive with dedicated IBANs. Or that when they say I have a personalised IBAN it either is not or that it is not “activated” until a certain point in time (when?) or if the balance is 0 to cut costs.


My best guess is that you are suffering from the same situation as others, where the BIC looks from GB, but the account starts with LT… ( Lithuania ).
If you are in a good relationship with one of these banks, or know an account manager at the bank where it bounced, I’d ask him what exactly was wrong. They should have the bounce with the reason in an MT-103 format.


If you are missing any incoming transfers we can always raise this with our payment partner as well, please reach out to us on support chat. We are aware of the issues with some banks not accepting the IBANs and we’re working on implementing a lasting fix soon!


Thanks Larysa,

Your support was not very useful though. You infer that you are aware of issues relating to the Euro IBAN however after spending a whole day on the support chat a simple sorry and acknowledgement of your internal issues was nowhere to be seen, nor was there any inclination of attempting to find a workaround.

As of now 2 of the 3 transfers have bounced back and I will instruct them to use a different service to guarantee it reaches my accounts. Furthermore, as a test, I sent 2 transfers in opposite directions between Revolut EUR <-> my Belgian bank. Low and behold the transfer sent from Revolut arrived in 1 day, the transfer sent into Revolut (and the pending one that started this thread) are nowhere to be seen yet.

I have done a further test with the addition of “XXX” to the IBAN, lets see which transfer, if any, makes it to its destination


I’ve just had contact with the help desk of Revolut for the same problem and one of the weirdest discussions ever. This guy kept saying I should contact the helpdesk of Revolut. When I said HE was the helpdesk he apologised and confirmed he was but then said the same thing. He then suggested I should contact Revolut. I suggested that I did by contacting HIM through the in App support. This kept on in an ever growing weirdness.
In the end I just asked if this was a new episode of Monty Python. He denied.
I hang up on that conversation, only to learn here that IT IS A KNOWN ERROR!
Idiots at the helpdesk!


So apparantly the IBAN and BIC combination is not valid after all. Also the topup screen in the app is now (for me at least) reverted back to the old GB IBAN with the reference. To me it seems like that Revolut decided to roll back the new personal IBANs and wait until they have UK IBANs to roll them out to users.


“We are aware of the issues with some banks not accepting the IBANs and we’re working on implementing a lasting fix soon!”

Please inform the rest of the helpdesk so the stupid and ignorant discussions they have with clients can be stopped!


You can find a lot of discussion about this in the feedback section. It’s possible the new IBANs do not comply with registry entries at SWIFT.

Don’t use the new LT IBANs for the time being, as your money likely won’t reach your account.

Revolut is trying to get new GB IBANs that are more compliant with banking clearance. Wait for them and use the old Lloyd’s account number in the meantime.


Hi! I only have access to the LT IBAN… and I am trying to top up my account so I can order a phisical card. What option do I have? How can I get the GB IBAN? Thank you!


Hey guys,
I’m in the same situation, waiting for a salary transfer initiated on the 27th.
Haven’t received the amount yet the transfer hasn’t bounced yet.

How long did it take for the bouncing to happen on your end?

We really need a solution to this bug…

Thanks in advance for your insights!



I m in the same situation waiting since the 20th of July. This is not what bothers me, it is the way Revolut is handling this. No answers to my messages on neither App, Facebook, email or Community support, only a “give us 48 hours time” message, which I got on Sunday. Just very bad comunication, very bad handling. and they want you to transfer your salary by the first of each month.


Hi Sandrodabz,

The 2 transfers that bounced back were sent last Monday 24th from the Netherlands and were returned Monday the following week. the last one has not bounced back yet, which was also sent on the 24th but from Belgium.

Hope this helps and good luck

Missing money after transfer to IBAN

Hello Alex,
Thanks for the reply.
Am I expecting the latest one to bounce? And what long term solution can I
expect if I cannot transfer?
Best Regards,


I would furthermore encourage Revolut, if they’re not able to get new IBANs in their App within this week, to make AT LEAST

a) the Lloyd’s EUR IBAN available to everyone again
b) notify your customers that sending money to the LT IBAN isn’t safe for the moment.

By the way: My transaction is gone since 16 days. (But luckily, I already suspected it to not work (have used Revolut long enough to be cautious of new feature with them) so it was just a small amount for testing).


Sure that’d be cool, but what about the money that disappeared? I see many people in my case unable to find where the money went.


I fear that as long as no shitstorm breaks lose, Revolut is not really willing to take the time and effort to investigate in each’s case. At least it does not seem so. If I look in the press coverage, the only thing that I see is how great they flourish and that they have partnered up with Lithuania for their IBANs. But none of the banking press is covering that people are really losing money here even though I sometimes ask them to investigate.

And really, I know of so many cases with the new IBAN by now, were things didn’t work out, money disappeared or fees were charged, that if I were Revolut, I would be really worried. I for my part have quit the service - at least for now. I have warned of this new trend for two weeks, have informed Revolut that this is an issue and even spoke to authorities. Nobody really seems to care. Everybody is blaming somebody else. I’m really tired of this and think, the only way to react for me is to quit Revolut.

Using Fidor in combination with DKB and Curve is much more conveniant for me anyway. At least, these solutions always worked reliably.

(And honestly, the reason why I posted this post above is, that I really believe that some day, a shitstorm will come that really could hurt Revolut if they loose sight of their customers because they’re just preparing another million investment.)


I did some research on this and while Revolut is stating that they did everything right, I got the information the the LT iBAN with the GB BIC are not complaint with the SWIFT system, it is against ISO 13616 - thats what the german bank authorities told me.

So REVOLUT please fix this and help your customers.