Problème numéro de téléphone

dernièrement le numéro associé à mon compte revolut a été supprimé et donc je ne peux plus recevoir le code d’accès. J’ai utilisé un deuxième numéro pour entrer en contact avec le support mais rien à changer. Je voudrais changer le numéro pour accéder à mon ancien compte et supprimer le compte que je viens de créer.

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Hello @DarkXtrem38,

Can you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so we can sort this out for you?


Andreas K


I can’t send the message because I can’t acces to this account because the phone number has been deleted and i’m disconnected

Sorry for my english I’m french

Salut DarkXtrem38,

Andreas veut que tu lui envois directement un message privé (via ce forum) avec ton ancien numéro de telephone pour qu’il puisse t’aider. Pour cela, clique sur son pseudo (AndreasK) puis tu verras apparaitre un bouton “Message”. Clique dessus et tu pourras entrer en contact directement avec lui

D accord merci mike je n’avais pas compris

Par contre je n’arrive pas à trouver le bouton des messages privés

@AndreasK hello I have the same problem I change my number I didn’t used Revolut since when I tried to log on it ask for my old number. I don’t have it anymore how can I log on to my account and change my number? Thanks

Hi @Mikael,

We can change it for you.

Could you please send me a direct message?


Andreas K.

Hello @AndreasK,
I have the same problem : I really need to use Revolut these following days (deadline to pay a bill!!) but my phone number is not recognised and I can’t log in !
Just like @DarkXtrem38, I can’t find how to send you a direct message (maybe because some functions of this website are not available for new users like me…?). Can you help me pleaaase ? I would be very grateful!

Sure! Let’s get in touch via DM!

Hi @AndreasK,

I have wavely the same problem. I am abroad without my sim card. How can I transfer money on my revolut card or connect on my revolut account?
I am sorry I don’t find how to send an private message.

Best regards

I can help, are you able to drop me a direct message?

I don’t find how to do this…

I did that for you. Please check your inbox.

Hey ! Same situation than every people here : I have a new number and can’t access my account and use my credit card but don’t know either how to contact you by private message… can u help ?

Hi @Margot

I sent you a message, please check your inbox.

Same situation can you help me ?

Where are you based?

Hello @AndreasK I can’t send a personal message. I have a problem for connecting myself to the app. I have change my phone number but I don’t know how I can do for reactivate my account. I need help please.

Hey! You should be able now to send me a direct message.