Problème de RIB

Bonjour, je vous contacte car sur Betclic ils me demandent mon RIB pour certifier mon compte mais le RIB sur l’application ne leur convient pas, ils veulent un RIB “officiel”. Comment puis-je l’avoir? Merci

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Hi there!

Did you manage to get in touch our business team?

Hi, I have the same problem. (Anyone French in your team will understand this)
In France we almost always need to present a physical document called RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire) to enable auto payments from an account. RIB has a specific format which since SEPA was addopted provides the IBAN number. Just providing an IBAN number is not enough. It would 5 minutes to create and populate a template enabling users in France to print off a RIB. Typical formality that makes no sense outside of France, but is just how it is …Thanks

Hi @ABD - at the moment, direct debits are not enabled for our accounts so you would not be able to use this to create that - is that what you were looking to do? This is something we are looking to add soon as we appreciate it is key for some businesses to have.


Hi, same problem for me. My main bank here in France (ING) requires a Revolut RIB to accept to add Revolut to the list of accounts that are allowed to receive money transfers from the ING account.
I have sent ING by post a copy of a REVOLUT bank statement but to no avail.

Hi @JamesRevolut, do you have any update on this? From what I understand, you do not provide a “RIB” for French users, is that right?
This is mandatory to anyone who wants to receive a payment from any French business or individual. So I’d like to make sure it possible, before I consider opening a Revolut Business account.

This would also be very useful on a personal account for those of us with property in France. Please make it available as a universal feature.

We should not pressure :r: into offering these docs, instead we should pressure French companies and administrations into stopping being dinosaurs and accepting a single IBAN just like any other EU country would.
Granted, tough challenge.