Problem with withdrawing money in ATM using Google Pay and Revo MasterCard

I am unable to withdraw any money using Google Pay with Revolut MasterCard.
Card is active, and I know this because it:

  • GPay with MasterCard works in any physical shop
  • card (the plastic one) works in both- Chip&PIN and contacless
    I’ve tested on a few cards- standard and premium, mine and my wife’s.
    Nothing works.

This is info which I get. It happens every time.

What is interesting- Revolut VISA added to GPay works without any problem

It used to work before vacation, then stopped. Helpdesk tries to discover what’s wrong, but thay are doing this from 1st of August :slight_smile:

The same happens in case of Garmin Pay and Revolut MasterCard

What is your experience in this topic?

Do you not have other choice than to use Euronet atm? I would avoid them.

Yes, I’ve tried. Doesn’t work too. I found one ATM (Planet Cash), where Garmin Pay works but Google Pay doesn’t

Why? When you’re in your country there is no fee if you’re using Revolut card

Ah, ok. I did not assume such scenario.