Problem with verifying the identity & card not received


As I can read I am not the one having problems with verifying the identity and getting in touch with the support… More than 2 weeks ago I sent my Id documents for vericatifion and I got a msg from the support to resend them again … done that too and received a message from “ Daniel” saying the profile is active ( these I didn’t really understand ? What does it mean active ? Because on the app the validation is ongoing for a week now …)
I contacted support via the app many times but have no reply so far.

I was supposed to receive my card yesterday but still nothing… I am wondering if I will have at least an answer from the support . Coul you please give me an answer to these questions : my profile will really be validated this time 2- when I am going to receive my card ? 3- if not when i am going to be refunded ?

Thank u !!!