Problem with verification step

I need some assistance in setting up my account. I am at the verification step, and it failed twice. I would like to know the exact reason why it failed, otherwise there is no point me in retrying again. Thank you.

Hey @rido :slightly_smiling_face:

Just some ideas:

  • pictures should be of the full document, with enough definition, light and not blurry
  • the document should be from an accepted country, an accepted form of ID, not expiring soon and maybe not just issued

If you don’t have access to the support chat, you could perhaps ask one of the moderators in the community or :r: through one of their social media channels :wink:

Hi there. An agent will be able to provide you with more details, please tap More–>Help–>Chat to us. Then type Live Agent.

And what are the steps to get in touch with those moderators, please ?

I tried Live Agent, but I ended up receiving replies from a robot.

Click here:


Thank you. I clicked the link and got a popup saying “You can’t send messages to AndreasK”

Then you’ll need @AndreasK to start the conversation for you I’m afraid. He shouldn’t take long, however! :wink:

Sorry can you explain what to do after clicking @AndreasK ?

Hey @rido :slight_smile:

You need to wait for @AndreasK to come and help :wink:
No need to do anything more for now

Oh, great, but how does he know that I am waiting to talk to him ?

The moment somebody writes his name after an @, he receives a notification. So he should have three notifications by now :wink:


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

Thank you. I have to say that the in-app chat is quite frustrating for me to use, because it takes me ages to compose a sentence with that little virtual keyboard in the smartphone. Anyway, I will wait to be contacted. Thanks again. I actually had more than one question to ask.

For example I also wanted to ask how to get the IBAN number for my account (I have already received the physical card)

There are different ways. Here is one: More, Profile, Account details.

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Thank you. Another question, is it possible to have to accounts (one for me and one for my wife) both associated with the same phone number?

Hey @rido :slight_smile:

That’s not possible as far as I’m concerned

Thank you again. Next question, what’s the meaning of “top up limit of 250 EUR / year” ?

This is one reason for which support feedback is so delayed… people are just to lazy to search and read topics discussed tons of times and also available in FAQ…