problem with verification! belarus support? (and question about transfers)


Hi, I installed the application, I’m trying to understand how it works. And I already faced the first problem. I live in Poland. I am a tax resident of Poland, I will soon get Polish citizenship. But now I am a citizen of Belarus. But when I tied my bank account to the application. I need to verify the account. And the app asks me for the id card number or documents. Further the list of a choice of the country (to enter data), but there there is no Belarus. Although there are many third world countries. What should I do in this situation?

and I have a second question. Will other people send money to me? the information on the site is confusing.

For example, I want to get money from a friend from another country. Does it need to install your application? Or can he send money to my account in a different way?


With your Polish residency it should not matter, however you will have to provide a copy of it to Revolut.

As for receiving money, people will simply wire it to your account as with any other bank. What currency are we talking about though?


for example euro or dollars or punds


Just make sure to use corresponding account details. You need to use a specific IBAN for the different currencies. You can find them in the app.

And I suggest the “getting started” section in the help center. Many things are explained with examples there :wink: