Problem with tranfer to indonesian hotel

Hi! On 2nd April i made a transfer to hotel in bali, which was executed on the 3rd April, unfortunatelly after arrival to that place, hotel says it didn’t receive money, what can i do?

I am assuming you wired it to an Indonesian bank via SWIFT. In that case it could take a few days to arrive and might show up either today or on Monday. When did you arrive at the hotel?

Did you send the exact amount? If so, they might have received less (SWIFT fees) and maybe cant find the transaction because of this.

Thank you for your answer, i will wait then till monday, i hope it will be ok :blush:

If you can provide some additional details in the meantime it might be possible to provide a more concrete response. How did you transfer it? It was a bank transfer and not via the card, right? Was it to an Indonesian account? SWIFT or maybe SEPA?

As I can see the transfer has been completed. Please tell to the beneficiary that this transfer will not be in your name but in Currency Cloud’s name.

Thank you for the help! I’ve send them all off the details and i hope that they will figure out where are the money because from my site everyfing was done corectly.

The problem with Bank Accounts in Indonesia is (i live in Jakarta) many times you can not see the sender name. Only a transaction number and the amount. That’s it.

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