Problem with topping up my account


I am experiencing some trouble topping up my account via bank transfer. Since now, i used to top up from a bank account (EU) which i was holder of. But recently i stopped being holder of this specific account, and as i forgot the restriction about being the owner of the bank account i want to top up from, i made a bank transfer to my revolut account a week ago. As a consequence, the money hasn’t showed up in my revolut app, and if i go to the “Verification and limits” options, it says that my documents are under review.
Is there any chance i take my money back (because the money of course was taken from the bank account), or make in any way the money show up to my revolut account?
Please any answer would be helpful since i am mising an amount of money that i don’t know where to take back from!

Thanks in advance,


@yaniw Hey there! We can certainly look into locating this transfer for you, and if it is under a third party name and cannot be assigned to you, then we can revert this back. Can you reach out on the in-app support chat?


Thanks for you reply. Yes i already tried to address this issue using my in-app bot, but there was some troouble in understanding what i wanted to say. Should i write to a specific team member, e.g. you?



Sure! I can write you a private message!