Problem with top-up


I have toped-up my revolut account using a debit card a few hours earlier.
The app now asks me to verify the card by entering the 4-digit number.
The transaction has not appeared online (that is an issue with my bank) and I am not sure when it’s going online.
Is there any wait to cancel the top-up and get my money back into the initial account? I am on the road abroad and it is not easy to call back home to check with my bank when the transaction is coming online…



Hey @patelisn :slight_smile:

I guess not :frowning:
However, you can try asking through the in-app support chat, clicking Support in the More tab of the app if you still have access to it :wink:

Some banks will not show the transaction until it has settled. This can easily take 7-10 days so your best bet might be actually calling/mailing your bank… :frowning:


So day 3 and I cannot see my 4-digit number in the online transactions list, calling the bank from abroad will cost a fortune and I am stuck with a useless card.
Revolut support seem to be extremely busy and somebody appeared online when it was 3am where I am (and I was asleep)…
any ideas?


Hey @patelisn :slight_smile:

I would suggest, without any formal knowledge, to get a statement from your bank or any other document which proves the card is yours and reach :r: again through the chat or through Twitter, explaining the problem thoroughly:

Also, check in your bank’s web if you can find any place called “held/blocked/retained/frozen funds/money/balance” to see if you can find the numbers there :wink:


Hi @patelisn,

Please shoot me a DM so that I can help sort this out!