problem with purchase


hello. Do you work officialy with paypal? I am aking you because I tried to make a purchase with my paypal account(having your card registered) and I received an error. Now when I chose to pay with my card directly everything worked fine. Please keep in mind that I had no problem with paypal on my previous transactions.


Paypal does not work so good for me either. I tried to pay someone 25 Euros, but PayPal then wanted to convert the Euro amount to GBP and charge me in GBP at a bad rate. I tried to fool it by specifying my country of residence as a Euro country instead of UK (I chose Spain) and PayPal refreshed screen into Spanish language but then failed to make the payment at all.


I tried PayPal with Revolut and it doesn’t work very well. In fact, i got debited in dollars, pounds and finally euros during the card verification/payment… :confused:

=> PayPal don’t seems to work properly with multi-currencies’ cards.


I have a similar problem. My Revolut card is connected to Paypal and I’m using it quite often. Today I’ve tried to buy 2 different items from different sellers, and I received a message from ebay that there is a problem with my Paypal account while at the same time, I got a message from the Revolut app that one of the two seller was paid! On my Paypal history, there is no transaction but on my Revolut history, my balance was charged. Is there any way to fix this??