Problem with payment on Ryanair's website


From Thursday 27th of October I try to pay for tickets on Ryanair’s website. When I type card number, CVV and address so everything what is necessary I click on button Pay now, I have information
Oh. There was a problem
As your payment was not authorised we could not complete your reservation. Please ensure that the information was correct or use a new payment to try again.
Next I must complete formular one more time, but after that Ryanair block my card for 24 hours.
I typed Card type both Mastercard and Mastercard Debit. Support said me that I should choose Mastercard Debit.
Anyone had before that issue?


Hi there,

I never ordered on Ryanair but I think the type of MasterCard is the explanation to your case. The card given by Revolut is not a MasterCard Credit or Debit but a Prepaid. Maybe Ryanair is denying the prepaid cards to protect themselves… :confused:

Hope it helps,


Actually, MasterCard Prepaid is a sub-category of a MasterCard Debit, so it should work. Check with different BIN calculators - all of them say it is a Debit card, sub-category Prepaid


Thanks a lot, I tried one more time this time with Mastercard Prepaid and it works. Thanks a lot one more time.


@Vincent was there an extra cost for using revolut?


Yes. I paid 14.30 SEK more for ticket. In Ryanair you mustn’t pay that fee if you pay by MasterCard Debit or Visa Debit/Electron


i mean, when paying with Credit cards, there is an extra fee on ryanair website.
that’s the fee i’m curios to know if it was applied in your transaction, as revolut is a prepaid debit card , not credit :slight_smile:


Had similar with another travel company, defrauded me out of 23.99 GBP. Revolut says to contact the merchant as only they can put it right. The merchant says contact Revolut as only they can put it right. In future I will just use a Visa Debit Card for travel companies as I have never had one incorrectly processed.

I do think this is a issue which it is important for Revolut to resolve as it very detrimental to their public image.


Ryanair has on website, that I mustn’t pay that additional fee if you want pay by Mastercard Debit or Visa Electron/Debit. On card from Revolut nowhere you can find logo Mastercard Debit, you have only Mastercard.


All prepaid cards are debit cards.


Well, yes and no. There is no 1 to 1 connection between BIN number and a card type as far as I know. Therefore, a card issuer is able to issue both debit and credit cards under the same BIN and therefore some of the valid debit cards are recognised as credit cards. There are different websites and different lists of BINs by card types and the information is sometimes contradictory. I had the same problem with one of my online bookings so ended up using my normal debit card instead.