Problem with my Revolut account app login


I am facing a login problem to the Revolut App.
Still getting the same message: We’re sorry, something has gone wrong…

Anyone can help me pleas with this issue?
Thank you,

I have the exact same problem too !

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Hi I had exactly the same message the first time when I had tried to register at the same step
I had tried to redo thecregistration later on without success

I had then tried with another phone number, and I could that time go a bit further with my registration process, but then I received the same message .

The funniest is I had received 2 messages coming from revolut saying:welcome in Revolut it s done!with all the pdf documentation related to the TC s of the given account, but when I try to order a card my phone number is not recognized

It is according to me incredible to think that only in app support is provided I wirk in a customer support and even if they are not customers when people have queries we do reply to guide them it is a duty to jelp future customer esoecially when we cannot log in the app I had reunstall it many times caches and cookies I know already I had sent 5 or 6 emails to the email address I had fiund online.

So how to talk to Revolut in charge people??

Thank you

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my pin stopped working about two weeks ago. I tried everything I could think of. upgraded the app reinstalled the app. the forgot pin process ends up abruptly with “try later” after setting the new pin. I emailed and called the hotline with no results. I can’t use the app chat since the app locked me out. Can you help me figure out what I should do or how I should contact help center please?

Hello , i have a problem in my acount . I can not past . All the time ask me a pasword when i try to join. But i never create a pasword. I dont know what pasword should be .

hello i have exacly the same problem as people above mentioned already before . I was using my revolut app today for a few time and then suddenly when i was trying to log in there was an error saying incorect passoword etc and then after few times it changed to other messeage saying that there is no account with such phone number. what can i do ? did anyone recive any help from support?

Hi I’m having kind of the same problem. With Revolut app 8.3x and beyond I can’t login, once I enter my code that app stops, it does not go further. I had to downgrade the app to 8.29.1 in order for it to work. I’m using an S7 smartphone with microG, android version 10, every version before 8.3x worked :slightly_frowning_face:
Can you please provide a good update? Thanks in advance.

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Same here. half times login is stucked and when it enters the interface is incomplete, I only see 2 tabs, bank accounts and cards and they are totally white.
That was the reason why I was scared doing a revolut account. Exactly this reason.
Not to have a website or a facility as alternative to use my money and NOT to have a phone to call.
Anyone knows what s going on please?

Same here. Can’t connect. And no help. I try everything. I think someone has stolen my account. Please any support to speak here? Because looks work but kick me out for no reason. Last time i see a strange email connect with my account.

I transferred money to my revolute account but it didn’t arrive. Is anyone else having this problem?

I cannot access my Revolut App as well… Since the latest update 3 days ago on my iPhone 12 Pro it always teils me wrong number or password. I already installed the App new without any success. Please update the App ASAP!

I had the same problem. The app is very slow today, my transation its pending!

Yes, same here - it usually arrives within minutes but this time it’s not showing up on the account. Seems as though they are having issues today.

Same here. Transferred a decent amount of cash 3 times as the App wasn’t recognising the transfer. Cash has left my bank account and I can’t log into the App or Revolut on the browser. Extremely frustrating

cannot login my app,

The services are down, all countries
Probably the “Black Friday” effect.

Not sure a good idea to charge too much on this bank: that non-resilient IT service blocks everything in such event.

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Have revolut acknowledged there is a account login problem? I can’t access the app whatsoever and need access to my account like anyone else but dies anyone know anymore information? Frustrating if you were actually trying to make use of black Friday deals

What’s your platform & app version? :thinking:

Updated to the latest yesterday because it was not working. Never had a problem in all the time I’ve had an account. Tried on android and IOS

I don’t know on IOS, but I received some reports about login issues with some Android smartphones with version above 8.30.

Tri to reinstall v.8.29.1…

(Yesterday they had serious server side issues anyway…)