Problem with my Revolut account app login

I’m having exactly the same problem!!!
I can’t even sign in or sign up or what later on!!!
And chat support requires to get sign-in first.
I have no idea what happens to me.


I have the same issue logining in the mobile app, after entering code it says " something went wrong". Could someone from revolut help asap please?

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Hi there !

Could you help me with my account?

I have a problem to while I want to login it requests me a selfie verification and it gives me that they don’t have this identity in their data base fuck them I can’t login because of a shit 1 week and I have money on that account help me revolut

Did anyone find a solution?

The revolut app on both my iPhone and iPad keeps crashing. I have the latests versions of iOS on both devices, and have deleted the app and restarted both devices as well. I also can’t reach customer support because the app keeps crashing. what do I do?

You don’t need access to the app to reach Revolut support.

How do I reach them otherwise? I tried the website but I can’t find it. I also tried logging into my account on the website itself but it tells me that the passcode I’m entering is wrong, which isn’t true, because it is recognised on the app before it crashes. so how I do I get someone to help me?

Scroll through this thread. You’re not the first one wondering about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

i hav same problem today. Can’t log in with app, only via my pc and every time they ask to take a selfie

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Kaip sutvarkete šitą problemą? Gal galėtumėte pasidalinti?

I am also unable to access my acount. Usually I would log in using my fingerprint, but for some reason it wouldn’t give the option, asks me for my pin (and it’s saying it’s wrong although I am sure it’s correct). I go through the identity verification process (twice so far) and I never hear back from them about anything. I am locked out of my account and I desperately need access and there is no way of contacting support if not through the app. The number they have online is useless.
Another weird thing, Revolut’s emails (authentication request) have been going traight to the bin, which is unusual. It shows up in my notifications emails for 2 seconds then it disappears and gets sent to trash, it has never happened before.

I hope someone helps with this ASAP because it’s getting outrageous and it’s been weeks.

I am unable to login to my revolut business app. I was asked to continue as my name or another user, which was new. So I clicked on my name and it wanted me to verify my email which needed to be on my device, which it wasn’t, so I got email on my device and then when I click on ‘confirm’ in the email it says invalid passcode? I cannot log in on the web interface as it says my face isn’t recognised !! And I can’t log in with app authentication as I can’t get on the app. I’m going crazy around in circles now.

The same thing has happened to me …. I’ve been locked out of the app (even though my login details are correct) and been bashing this out with the Revolut customer support via Twitter …. It’s so frustrating!!! I haven’t been able to access the app for a WEEK already :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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I am having a nightmare in accessing my account for the pass week as it keeps telling my account cannot be restored when I request a passcode reset.
I have been trying to contact Customer support via Twitter will no answer.
The customer service telephone line is awful.

Hello, I am posting here as I cannot start a new thread being new to the forum. Can someone please help me with regard to accessing my account?

I hadn’t logged on for around 2 years, tried to today (same phone number as years ago, hasn’t changed) but I cannot remember my pass code and even though I request a code to be sent by SMS it never shows up, after repeated attempts. I then try to create a new account but am told I have a new one and must log in to that, so I am left running in circles.

I tried to sign in into the android app and I don’t receive the email with the link.
There is nothing wrong with the email account, I use it every day but Revolut does not send the email so I can sign in.


Check your bin/spam. For some reason all revolut emails keep getting binned although I marked them as priority. Either way, even when I try to verify my account I never hear back from Revolut’s team so I hope you have better luck, but seems like it’s an ongoing issue for everyone.

I am unable to log in . I normally use my finger but now I am asked to re enter my pin. When I do I still cannot enter and , using “Forget password” I am asked for a "selfie Photo " which my phone seems unable to take in spite of several attempts.
How can I access my account.

Hello everyone.

I have issue with my account. I’m not able to login.

I get to message : “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”

Last year I have chatted with the support team for my issue, actually with 4 people from support team (also sending all my personal data, names, phone number, even photo of my ID). My issue then was not receiving sms to confirm my phone number.

Now, one year later, still not able to use Revolut.
What is the problem and what can I do to solve it ?

Best regards,