Problem with my Revolut account app login

I have the same problem “wrong number” or wrong pin number and my can’t login and my father has the same. I had reinstalled application and nothing help. Somebody cóuld be help me?


I can’t login with app, iam metal gold member and i login to the web and it doesn’t work to contact you. How do o contact you?


Iam metal gold member and can’t login to the app. I login to web and trying to contact you but the page is error.

Can you please fix this, this is my 15 times with same problem.



I switched from Android to iPhone and I have the same problem, I can’t log in into my account :

  • sometimes it bugs when I type my phone number
  • sometimes it bugs after having typed my phone number, when I click on “Forgot code” (I can’t remember the code I used 2 years ago). It says “An error occured…”

Can you help me please ? Can you reset my code for me and then I try to log in again ?

This is a user community, no Revolut support here.

If you can’t log into your app and you don’t have twitter/facebook, how do you solve your problems (which seem to be very very common within the app)?

That is also clearly answered in my linked topic.

I am having a similar problem, and nothing works. Cannot speak to anyone on the app as I can’t log in! I’ve emailed customer complaints to try and speak to someone and then they never replied now I’m stuck trying to finish setting up my account!
If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it

I have a similar problem. The app tries to send an email for confirmation but I don’t receive anything. I have tried contacting online chat but they were not able to help. I have checked my safe senders list in the email and there are no problems there. I have now been logged out of my app and can’t get the email to get back in. I’ve tried sending selfies as authorisation but that doesn’t work either.
I can’t find any other way to contact Revolut for help than this forum.

Well actually this forum isn’t a way to contact Revolut for help either. This is a user community. For ways to contact Revolut for help check the topic below.

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I can’t log back into my account. Please help

Please check my post just above yours.

This is a user community no Revolut support here.

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Hello, i post the issue here to know whether anyone might has the same issue (for recent 2 weeks) that I am facing now when login to the Revo app on IP6 plus, otherwise it will be the problem with my account only. (my friend is using goo revo app on his phone).
My case: when I open the revo app on my IP6plus, right after key-in the 4 digits password, revo goes to the main page for like 5-7 seconds, and then it automatically turns off the app and show the phone main screen. I have tried many time, including update my phone and revo app to the lastest version, deleted and reinstalled revo app, BUT THE ISSUE IS STILL THE SAME. I have tried with another IP and things did not change.
Will anyone have the same issues as me for the recent 2 weeks (since June12). Have you guys can solve this problem successfully? or anything that I should do? Please share your ideas because i need to use the revo app for my trading and transfer money for my daily expense. Thank you.

A mi tampoco me deja acceder, todo el tiempo me da el mismo error…