Problem with my Revolut account app login

@Graham_Lees thanks for the reply!

I’m curious to know what can I do if Revolut blocked my account and it’s an emergency - for instance, now I can’t pay my rent or buy food cos I don’t have access anymore.

Tagging Revolut support everywhere haven’t produced any results.

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There are a number of alternative ways to contact Revolut support that are referenced (here) you might find useful.
It is most unusual for an account to be blocked so I hope you never have to address the problem.

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Same issue and cannot get to support when I’m not logged into the app… Is there another avenue for support outside of app or calling?

Same issue and cannot get to support when I’m not logged into the app… Is there another avenue for support outside of app or calling?

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Hey, i can’t register into revolut aswell with same bug, when i select my country theres nothing happening in the app. My country is(Turkey) according to company its allowed here but i can’t even register. Help me please.

I am trying to verify my account via the app. The app sends a verification email to my old, (no longer in existence) email. I can’t access that email account and therefore cant verify my credentials and use the APP.
Does anybody know how I can change update my email address.

Many thanks

Hello there
After 2 years of no problems now the revolut application asks for email verification when i request to show me the credit card picture.
An email is indeed sent to my emails inbox. I click on it, it switches to the app and
A) either it doesnt do anything-white screen
B) some other times it asks for a 6pin code (which i have never inserted) but with no num keyboard
C) Managed once to enter to another screen which shows 6 boxes to enter the 6 pin but the keyboard wasnt working.
So i uninstalled the app and tried to clear the cache and data. Now it wont even login from the mobile phone. I have only access from the PC.

Lost access to account.
Went to login to the App on my android phone but got greeted with a request for my information. Following it through to chat but no one got back to me, to be fair it was a Sunday, But still no reply this morning.|
Can’t login on the website as it rejects my PIN.

Cleared all data cache on my phone.
Accepts my phone number and PIN then sends the authentication email, but the app doesn’t seem to accept it and I have to enter my phone number and PIN again then then send another authentication email to go back through the loop again.

Hey, I’ve got same issue. Have you managed to sort it out? Thanks

Hi, I have a similar problem on my phone app:
system asked me to send a selfie, but when I post “send” - it tells that cannot send!!

Just tell me what to do. I have changed my

Hi! I changed my device and now I can’t log in to Revolut with my phone no and passcode. Also I can’t reset the passcode because the “Authenticate” button in the email doesn’t work. Any ideas, please?
I’ve reinstalled the app, cleared cache so far.

Is Revolut down, I’m unable to log in, and when I enter my mobile number, it says not correct. It all worked fine this morning

I have the same issue, it’s as if my account has disappeared and no way to contact support if you. can’t log in…

My card was still working, and it’s now stopped and removed from Apple Pay. Have Revolut gone bust?

How are we supposed to contact anyone?

there are a number of ways to contact Revolut outside the app which has been outlined many times in the community.
Since you may have missed the very helpful Topic, I’ll repeat it again for you [click here]

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If the Revolut app is not working on your device, it is most probably caused by network issues . To start the troubleshooting process for any login problems, check if the services are working optimally. It’s also a good idea to clear the app’s cache and data as this might solve this issue entirely.


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