Problem with International IBAN


I urgently need the international IBAN for my business, because my company receives payments outside of Europe in USD.

I’m trying to establish that with the live support, but we are not pointing to a proper solution together.

The company is newly established in Cyprus (Limited), therefore I do not have any bank statements on my company name. Back in Austria I had the same business, but on my personal bank account. I could easily provide them.

Is it possible to get to a final solution and receive the international IBAN immediately, so I can start using Revolut for Business?

Kind Regards,

Hi @pichlerAT

Providing us with the bank statement is one of the requirements of Advanced On-boarding which has to be fulfilled in order to apply.

The bussiness of mine only changed to an official company. Before Cyprus, I had everything on my personal account. Isn’t a bank statement from my bank back in Austria enough?

@pichlerAT As far as I know, it is supposed to be a statement of the business bank account of your company.

@Oleksii So using Revolut for Business as a first bank for our business is not a good idea right?

If you receive payments outside of Europe, then no. SEPA on the other side is no problem it seems.

@quentinb @pichlerAT only if you require unique Iban in such case. You can still use the pooled account details, however, to apply for the unique Iban in the name of your company you will have to meet certain criteria.

Yes, it is absolutely impossible to get an unique IBAN for a new company