Problem with Indian merchant terminals

This may not impact U.K. Users who’s home currency is sterling, but newer merchant terminals in India take the funds in rupees but if you are a Euro user like me, it converts first to sterling and then the sterling converts to taking funds from your euro balance. This means you pay two currency charges which on a transaction today that should have cost me €105 it actually cost me €112, which is worse then any credit card transaction fee. Even if the merchant puts it through as rupees you end up having to contact Revolut and asking them to process a refund that takes up to 46 days and even then you won’t remember what the rate should have been and if your getting sorted or not. This is a big issue and needs looking at further FBI Revolut

Hello @Leitrim

Thank you for contacting us.

If the merchant didn’t notify you about the conversion then we could raise a chargeback after the payment completed.

Please note that a chargeback procedure can take up to 45 days. This is a MasterCard policy to give the merchant who took your funds time to contest the chargeback.

I am new to here and I am sounding stupid! Simple query: I receive USD 4000 from my clients and I have an Indian savings account. Want to get rid of PayPal. Can Revolut help?

Are you planning to use Revolut for Business?

Ahmm…you can say yes.