Problem with IBAN - payment did not come



I have ordered one online company to send money to my IBAN number:
GB47 LOYD 3080 1214 0888 68

It is more than 3 months and money still have not arrived.
I asked them to resolve it and they required bank statement from me.
So I have sent them my bank statement with my account number: 20858447.

They told me that this bank statement is not valid, because the number from IBAN is different to number which is on my bank statement.

I do not know what to do, how to prove them that this is really my account for which I required this money and make them take care about this problem.

Can you help me with my case?

Maybe it can help if you will place IBAN also to bank statements next to the account number.

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Most of the account details used for transfers into Revolut accounts are pooled accounts. Meaning, you share the same IBAN with many other customers. This is why your internal Revolut account no. and the IBAN can’t match. The reference is the detail used to allocate the money.

Only the individual account details for GBP (account no. / sort code) and for EUR payments are unique personal account no. in a traditional way. They are available after activation for GBP and EUR.


I suggest that you ask the sender for some proof of sending the money. If you provide this document via in app chat to support, they should be able to identify the money and allocate it to your account.

And make sure that every sender uses correct details, including the very important reference code when not using the unique account details for GBP/EUR.


Thank you for your hint… But after 14 days of troubles still I do not have my money and probably I will not have… :frowning: I am losing my patience…


I lost 50GBP and 20 hours … fucking Revolut…