problem with BIC code

Revolut BIC Code is REVOGB21 but my bank automatically (SEB Bank Estonia) modifies it with REVOGB2L and money transfers do not go out, the money returned


@anon33247966 Could you look into this? Apparently it’s not an isolated incident: Can’t top up my account anymore, because of Brexit ?


Hi there. I do think this has something to do with Brexit, as Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

Does your bank modify the BIC code to REVOGB2L too?

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Yes, from January 25th

how to transfer money now?

Thank you for confirming this. My question was for @quentinb

Please request your bank to send the transfer to LIABLT2L.

If this does not work, please try again tomorrow using REVOGB21.

Thank you. I’m trying and if I have problems, I’ll contact you again

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I have the same bank as @Mathieu_C from the other thread, I never sent a bank transfer from there, but when trying to add my :r: IBAN, it automatically gives this BIC code as well: REVOGB2L
I can’t try doing an actual transfer though, I’d need to go to my local branch to authorise this IBAN… (transitional banks are a pain!)

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I have the same problem in Greece ,the BIC code has changed and the address of the Revolut Company is not Canada Wharf something. Also , I haven’t received money from a friend’s transaction and I think we might lost so money.

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my bank will now give the correct BIC code again and everything will work. For now. Thank you


As it seems, it has been fixed, or at least my bank (mBank) corrected the BIC and I was able to process a transfer just minutes ago.

Same problem here. On Monday I transferred €100 to my Revolut account. My bank also got the BIC wrong… REVOGB2L.

Yesterday one of your agent told me that I would not receive the money and that I had to contact my bank. My bank told me that the BIC is irrelevant for SEPA payments within the EU and that they payment went through. So I contacted Revolut support again and this time they told me I should wait.

  • Will Revolut receive my money? When?
  • Is the transfer rejected? Will I get a refund? When?
  • Or is the money lost? Seriously?
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Money still missing!

@nataly: was your issue resolved?


It should bounce back to your account. This could take a couple of days. I got my transfer back automatically.

(BICs are not really irrelevant. You do not have to add them for SEPA, that is right, because they are deprived from the IBAN itself. All that you need is the IBAN. But the BIC is still essential for the transaction. There’s a database, the system looks up the IBAN there, allocates the BIC and then transfers the money. And the problem – that is solved now – was, that this BIC had a typo. So when you tried to make the transfer, it was sent on the way with a wrong IBAN/BIC combination.)


My friend went to the Greek bank to cancel the transaction . It was a wrong bic code. It cost him 15 euros just to get his money back.

Yes, that’s costly if you actively want to revert/cancel a transfer. I believe the money would have bounced back automatically, like it did for me, with no additional fees. In general, modern banking infrastructure is relatively safe. Money does not get lost in the system due to typos or something like this. I do not know anyone who ever lost money this way. Is it annoying? Sure.


According to Swift both BICs belong to Revolut Ltd. … I am still missing €100… smells like fraud…and still no official statement from Revolut on this topic. Just return my money and close my account!

The support is completly useless on this topic.

To which european authority should we report this? FMA in Austria? BAFIN in Germany? Local police? Is there an european authority?