Problem with Bank transfert

I try to make a bank transfert from a french bank.
But I have 2 problems.
1- The swift code that my bank calculate with the IBAN is different than the swift code give by Revolut
2 - I forget to put the unique reference !

How can I receive my transfert ?
My bank answer me that the transfert is gone.

The SWIFT code that we provide is 100% correct. The bank may also use LOYDGB2LCTY as an alternative.

If you forgot the reference number, then please wait the 3 working days for the transfer to reach us and then contact us on support chat! We can manually assign the transfer into your account for you.

What are the special key words on the chat support ?
In order to regulate it easier ?

When you come on chat if you say “Live Agent” it will direct you to a human agent!

Then just say you are waiting for a transfer in and forgot your reference, a member of staff should have no problem in looking this up for you.

Hi, I got a similar issue. The money was sent on the 5th on my Revolut bank account with the IBAN and the beneficiary name, but I forgot my reference number. I have received anything yet. How can I receive my transfer?

You should get in touch with Revolut and provide the confirmation of the wire transfer so they can locate it manually.

I am still waiting for my bank transfer from the 5th of July. Does anyone know how to get my money back?