Problem with bank transfert from French account into Revolut (Forget Reference bank account number)



I hope someone can help me with my problem.
I’ve made a bank transfert from my French account into my revolut account.

The problem is that I forgot to indicate the bank account reference number(revolut bank account).

Therefore, I explained the matter to my French bank. They told me that money has been transferred but Revolut can’t find me because I didn’t indicate the ref number of my account.

I would like to get an answer from a Revolut staff member to figure it out asap.

Thank for your help


Please contact support. They can allocate the money manually. (Check FAQs and try to search this forum :wink: This has been discussed a couple of times.)


Hi there. Please contact our in-app support team via in-app chat. Don’t forget to type “live agent” in the chat.