Problem with app


I’ve never used Revolut previously. I’ve downloaded the app to my iphone, entered my mobile number and after entering a passcode getting the error “Please upgrade the app to the latest version to use this functionality”. I know I have the latest version of app as newly downloaded it and no updates outstanding in app store.

Once I click ok on the error it takes me back to the passcode screen with no other options and loops to the same error.

Any advice on how to get the app working please ?


Try force closing the app.

Double-tap home button to open up the app switcher, and swipe the Revolut screen upwards to close it.

Tap the Revolut app icon again to re-open it.

Phisical card order error

I’m having the exact same problem and I need to get the account as soon as possible! Can someone please help? Force closing the app or installing in again does nothing to solve it


I’m having the exact same problem … Please help.
My system is IOS Iphone.


No luck … still same problem.


The issue still exists.



I am also having the same issue. I’m also on IOS iPhone.


Hi. I have iPhone 6S and I just downloaded the app. I have exactly the same problem. Can someone help me? I need revolut asap


Seems to be working ok now.