Problem with account


Hello i have one problem with my account
I send one Transfer from my swiss personal account todo muy revolut account. I ser the money arrive but is not operative yet i right to the plataform online, one person Tell me its pass the limit, at the time i have 3 day try Tell me somthing but nothing Tell me nothing


If you exceeded your limit you need to provide them with documents showing the source of the funds you wired.


Yes i know i send my passport ID number Swift original from my swiss account but nobody answer me nothing about nothing


Yes i send the document yesterday passport, document my personal account in swiss, etc. But nobody Tell me nothing yet, the money arrive de wednesday oficina this week and still block un the account


Alessandro was writing about annual top up limit.
Are you new revolut user?


Yes i am, do you know when my money are into the account


After you’re positively verified.
Are you able to send them message via Twitter or Facebook? It can speed it up…


I don’t have Twitter i dont have Facebook, i put the document into the upload if document into the limit and verifacate


Ok, so ltd try to summon @AndreasK and @JessicaZ. They can help when they’re on their shifts.:crossed_fingers:


Hi there. I’ve passed your request on to the relevant team which will be able to assist you further. An agent will contact you on chat shortly. Thanks for your patience!