Problem with a transaction from Greece

AndreasK please send me an imbox message because I cannot send to you directly

Thank you

Hello @kallia,

Have you tried to contact our support team?

Thank you

yes I tried and told me to send an e-mail at
I sent the e-mail to tell the problem but i dont have any answer yet…

Ok thank you for letting me know.

Please get in touch with me via a direct message. Tap on my name & then on Messages, send me your phone number along with your email address.

@AndreasK please send me an inbox message because I cannot send you directly

Thank you

There’s a very good, well written step - by - step guide in a quite famous greek website (I think you are already aware of that). Did you follow exactly the steps in order to complete correctly the transfer process?

Yes i did the procedure step by step by the guide. In fact I have done it (loading my revolut from piraues bank account ) once more in the past without any problem then.

Hey Kellia I am from Greece to, and I have the same problem, did you find any solution ?

What’s the exact issue. I’m not aware of any issue transferring funds via bank transfer from Greece.

Was it a euro transaction? Did you use SEPA? Did you make sure you used the right IBAN?