Problem using local phone number in Lebanon


My account has my UK phone number registered on the profile. I am currently travelling in Lebanon, and using Revolut with no problems to spend USD (it’s a fully convertible currency here). I am using a local SIM card so want to change my profile number in order to receive notifications on the phone when the card is used. But annoyingly I discovered today that, inexplicably, Lebanon is not on the drop-down menu of countries in the app.

Is the omission of Lebanon an oversight, or is there a good reason why it’s not possible to get phone notifications here? After all, the phone system works perfectly.


There are a number of countries that we currently do not support. We are working on adding more.

Regardless, we can always provide you with the SMS code to login!


@larysa.stachowicz @duncp afaik
you can change the simcard without changing the number buy a local number on mtc (known as touch) or by alfa
Add a data package and you recive notifications by push