Problem/ unlock Crypto



I have a problem with the unlocking of cryptomony.
out of the 3 necessary sponsorships, only one has been taken into account.

(I can send you the details of the 2 others in private)

How to do?


I have the same problem: when I give a link to friend, it just forwards him to the App Store, and after registering he is not marked as referred by me.


I have the same problem, only one of my referrals have come through, the remainder, although they have joined, have not been acknowledged as having been referred by me. Please help. Happy to send you the other two in a private email.


Please feel free to drop me a DM with your phone numbers associated with your account so that I can take a look at what’s going.


It looks like as a new user I can’t send DMs?


Hi Andreas,
I have the same problem, I have invited 4 friend who have strated with revolut but only two were taken into account. Thank you for your support.


Are you able to reach me via DM?


Thank you for reply, I am sorry but I not sure where can I create a direct message. Can you give me a hint? Thank you.


I will do that for you.



I just invited a friend also using my invite link, and I can’t see any update in my Revolut app. Can you help me please?

Thank you,