Problem transfering funds from US brokerage firm


I am based in the UK and I am trying to transfer funds from Interactive Brokers to my Revolut account. The funds are in US dollars, I wish to wire transfer to Revolut account to ultimately exchange to Euros. I am unable to do so as Interactive Brokers website asking me to “Select Correspondent Bank” and shows The Bank of New York Mellon and a routing code with message
"Call your bank to confirm that the below suggestions for both routing code and the account number are correct… selecting an incorrect correspondent bank may lead to delays and additioinal fees."

I have input from Revolut US account the given IBAN number annd SWIFT/BIC code but then the above Correspondent Bank message, previously mentioned, comes up. I tried also my Revolut Euro account details and same message. What to do next?

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@Jules123 Hi Jules. Have you managed do the the transfer from from your Interactive Broker account to your Revolut account? Could you please help with some guidelines?


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I have the same question.


BARCGB22XXX works for DKK (and maybe others).

I run into the same issue.

Tried to transfer USD from Interactive Brokers to my Revolut USD Account.
In the past I used the Barclays Bank PLC (BARCGB22XXX) as the “corresponding bank” but since a couple of days the Barclays Bank is no longer supported for this kind of transfer.

Would be helpful if the Revolut Team could post the corresponding bank / man in the middle / Swift Partner somewhere, so I dont have to hassle the support each time. :slight_smile:

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On my side, I’m trying to fund my IB (Interactive Broker) account is USD from my Revolut account but I don’t know how to do that. IB is providing me a VAN (Virtual account number) and not an IBAN. Anyone had similar issue ?

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Having the same problem with a USD tranfer from Dominican Republic,but support just gave me the Barclays Details…But the’re not up to date according to you post,right?!

I have the same problem. Revoult app accept only numbers in the Account Number field but my VAN has 15 numbers and 1 letter. Revolut has to solve this problem!