Problem topping up

I am having a problem topping up because the amount box is being covered by the Top Up Securely bar, and backspacing etc isn’t working to start afresh. When I pressed to process the figure had morphed into 100x what I wanted to transfer. I cancelled and tried again, but the original overstated amount was still there. I logged out and turned my cellphone off. Came back and logged into Revolut. Amount still there and box still obscured.

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Hello @Abdrev :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. Sad to hear about the trouble you are experiencing now. Please start by following the basic troubleshooting steps. :arrow_double_down:

  • Clear cache & cookies: Ensure to clear the cache cookies on your phone.
  • Strong Wifi: Make sure to check your wifi connection
  • Updated version: Don’t forget to download the latest version of the Revolut app.
  • Restart device: Restart your device once

Once you’ve completed these steps, give it another shot at topping up. If you encounter the same problem, kindly inform us so we can assist you further. :pray:

SG | Community Team