Problem to add new card : Correos Prepago (Spain)

I have tried several times to add my Correos Prepago card to my Revolut account,
but I wasnt successfull …so far.
I am getting the error about billing address not being the same as the card I am adding.
Any help is welcome.

Hey @capitalc :slight_smile:

Is your Correos Prepago Anónima (anonymous, bought at a Correos Office) or Nominativa (nominative, bought through the webpage and picked at the office)?

Es decir: ¿tiene la tarjeta tu nombre?

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Is the billing address of the card the same as the one you used when you added the card?

The card does not have my name printed on it, but it s registered to me.
The billing address I used to add the card matches the one the card is registered to.

Is the card issued in the same country as the billing address?

e.g. A Uk card with a UK billing address.