problem solved


the problem is solved.


Hey Junglee, try the in app chat, they will resolve it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. I already did try the chatbot doesn’t get me and asked me to wait for 2 hours to talk to an actual person.


That may be the quickest way. As far as I know I’ve only seen Andreas supporting issues on the forum that require Revolut’s input along with their Twitter account. Although he is extremely good at supporting and answering as much as he can, he’s only one man(as far as we know). Forum support should always be assumed to be a long term, 24hr response-kind of thing.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the in-app support is persistent, so if you get told you are being transferred to a person, you can just splurge all the info about your issue into the chat and then check on it later?

Either way I’m afraid there isn’t any “instant support” without a waiting period currently :frowning:


I can see that an agent has replied to your in-app messages :slight_smile:


you should not edit the original post in such way, that the original issue is deleted …