problem deposit JPY from Interactive brokers

Hi, I am trying to transfer JPY from my US brokerage account (IBKR) to revolut (BIC/Swift REVOUS31). During withdrawal setup, I was asked to provide correspondence bank BIC/Swift, which for JPY Revolut listed BARCGB22. IBKR rejected it saying this bank cannot be used for this transfer.

Does anyone know what’s the problem and how to resolve it? Thanks!

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@Jay2021 Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

To investigate the reason for the rejected transfer, we would require some additional information. I would advise you to please contact us via chat so that we can look into this asap. To reach us out on chat Go to your Profile (top-left icon with your initials or picture) → select 'Help ’ → select a topic → choose an article → if that doesn’t help with your query, select 'Chat with us '.

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team